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Rockwood - 1672 Coordinator 52" TYPE 21 US28

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Rockwood - 1672 Coordinator 52" TYPE 21 US28


Material: Steel.
Fastener: 7 ea. #12-24 × 1¼ TH Type C tapping screws.
Size: Standard device size ⅝" × 1⅝" × 52".
Opening: 60". Weight: 7.0 lbs.
ANSI A156.3: Type 21

Override protection to prevent damage in case of abnormal force on door.
Mechanism and filler bar completely fill width of opening and when painted to match frame it becomes virtually invisible.
1600 Series For jamb opening widths 55" - 96"; coordinator length 52".

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Since 1946 Rockwood Manufacturing Company has taken pride in its reputation of producing quality builder's hardware. Our focus is on the manufacture of door trim hardware for the commercial and residential market. Although many items in our product line are industry standard items ready to be shipped from our finished goods inventory, there is a routine need for made-to-order products such as special size kick plates, push bars, corner guards, and protection plates. It is our goal to produce these items with a short lead-time to accommodate your delivery requirements and provide a custom fit look to your door trim hardware.

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