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L E Johnson - Pocket Frame Kit - 1530 68PF

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L E Johnson - 1530 68PF Pocket Frame Kit

Easily assembled, structurally strong pocket door frame designed for fast installation in standard 2x4 timber or steel frame stud walls. 

Removable aluminum track with low friction convex track rails, guaranteed jump proof smooth rolling tricycle hangers, rust resistant zinc plated steel reinforced timber split studs, and self adjusting floor anchors.

MAX DOOR WEIGHT: 125lbs. Each
Max Door Width: 36" (3'0")
Max Door Height: 80" (6'8")
Max Door Thickness 1-3/8"

Frame Contents Include
1 - Header Length
2 - Upright PAIRS
2 - Floor Brackets
2 - 1120 Hangers
1 - 1550 Door Guide
1 - 1513 Door Stop
1 - 1712 Wrench

Heavy walled aluminum track is precision extruded for smooth operation. Track has keyhole slots allowing easy installation and removal without tearing out walls. Box design prevents rollers from jumping track. Convex rail track design provides single point hanger wheel contact for low roll resistance and  traps dust on both sides of rails allow hangers to operate freely when dust builds up.

Unique three wheel design ensures all wheels carry door weight equally. Smooth rolling balanced wheels offer minimum friction riding on convex track rails. "Flip-of-a-clip" separates wheels from hanger plate for easy door installation/removal. Standard 1120 hangers are tested for doors weighing up to 125 lbs. [57 kg.] and 1125 heavy-duty ball bearing hangers are tested for doors weighing up to 200 lbs. [91 kg.] each.
Johnson Hardware Pocket Door Frame Upright Pairs    

Long vertical fingers slide into split studs - allowing for floor settling without disturbing horizontal alignment of header and track. Anchors can be nailed, screwed or cemented to floor.
Johnson Hardware Steel Wrapped Uprights 

Split jamb and studs uprights have full zinc plated steel sides and backs to give maximum rigidity for wall material and to restrict accidental nail penetration. Slots on split stud edges allow easy nailing of jamb stock.

Johnson pocket door frames are the only pocket door frames independently tested to ANSI standards.


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