JL Industries - Fire Extinguisher, Saturn 15, 15LBS Class K Wet Chemical

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JL Industries - Fire Extinguisher, Saturn 15, 15LBS Class K Wet Chemical

  • General Data: These units are ideal for commercial restaurant applications as a portable supplement to pre-engineered suppression systems. A low “pH” potassium acetate solution is discharged in a fine mist that provides excellent range while preventing splashing and creating an effective saponification foam-type blanket necessary for suppressing liquid cooking media fires.
  • Operation: Squeeze the lever, which opens the valve, allowing the chemical to be forced out.
  • Construction: Stainless steel cylinder with protective nozzle tip orifice seal and nonmetallic nozzle tip finger guard. Industry standard horn and nozzle design. Name plate shows only the class “K” symbol.
  • CLASS K Fires


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JL Industries, a division of Activar Construction Products Group, manufactures a wide range of specialty products for commercial construction, including fire extinguishers & cabinets, metal access panels, roof hatches, smoke vents, skylights, floor mats & gratings, and life safety products. We have been providing our customers a large selection of products for any project for over 60 years.

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