Hager - 801S 48 MIL BRUSH

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The Hager 801S 48" door bottom sweep. This 801S series Door Bottom Sweep is known as 48" MIL BRUSH by Hager. The 2BR-053035 meets fire test categories H and J for smoke and draft control gasketing. When applied to the surface it will provide smoke protection where pressurization is provided to re- strict smoke movement. Hager 801S 36" Door Bottom Sweep comes in 1 single length section that is 48 inches long with a mil aluminum finish.

  • 48 in MIL brush
  • Silicone inserts
  • #6 x 5/8 in Pan head sheet metal screws furnished with mortise types fasteners
  • 7/16 in (11 mm) Width, 1 in (25 mm) strip height
  • Mil finish weatherstripping is supplied with zinc plated screws
  • Brass weatherstripping is supplied with brass screws
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