Door Pressure Gauge - 0-7lbs of Push Force Range U237X

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Door Pressure Gauge 0-7lbs of Push Force Range U237X

Minimum Order = 2

Dimensions: 5/8" X 5/8" X 6.5"

Take the GUESSWORK out of determining how much force is required to open commercial doors !
KNOW the EXACT amount by using the Door Pressure Gauge (0 - 7 lb Force Range)

This light duty gauge can be used in determining lower limitations of interior and exterior opening/closing forces.
Used by:
Building and Fire Code Inspectors
Architects and Contractors
Building Maintenance Engineers
Commercial Door and Hardware Professionals
MEET ADA REQUIREMENTS and Satisfy Codes pertaining to Fire and Elevator Doors.
The American with Disabilities Act requires that both interior and exterior doors of a building be handicapped accessible.

Door Opening Force [4.13.11 ADA Accessibility Guidelines ] 
• Exterior hinged doors : (Reserved)
• Interior hinged doors : 5 lbs (22.2N)
• Sliding or folding doors : 5 lbs (22.2N)  

The Door Pressure Gauge is guaranteed to give you accurate readings, is incredibly easy to operate  and is MADE IN THE USA !
1. Set the top (small) o-ring located on the plunger rod on zero, down against the instrument's flange; or set the o-ring on the desired force.
2. Holding the instrument firmly, press slowly against the door at a point approximately handle-high, and 30 inches away from the door's hinges.
3. Read the amount of force required to open the door on the plunger scale closest to the bottom of the small o-ring.
"It's a necessary tool for anyone who has to adjust door pressure or verify the required ADA specifications  are met."
Don't just hope it's right... KNOW it's RIGHT !

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