Door Pressure Gauge - 0-7lbs of Push Force Range U237X

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Operating Instructions: 1) Set the top (small) o-ring located on the plunger rod on zero, down against the instrument's flange; or set the o-ring on the desired force. 2) Holding the instrument firmly, press slowly against the door at a point approximately handle-high, and 30 inches away from the door's hinges. 3) Read the amount of force required to open the door on the plunger scale closest to the bottom of the small o-ring. It's a necessary tool for anyone who has to adjust door pressure or verify the required ADA specifications are met." Don't just hope it's right... KNOW it's RIGHT.

  • 5/8 in X 5/8 in X 6.5 in Dimensions
  • 0 - 7 lb Force range
  • This light duty gauge can be used in determining lower limitations of interior and exterior opening/closing forces
  • Used by - building and fire code inspectors, architects and contractors, building maintenance engineers, commercial door and hardware professionals
  • Meet ADA requirements and satisfy codes pertaining to fire and elevator doors
  • The american with disabilities Act requires that both interior and exterior doors of a building be handicapped accessible
  • The door pressure gauge is guaranteed to give you accurate readings
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