BEA - Low energy lock-out. Designed to inhibit the approach SuperScan on an automatic door when the door is used manually. - 10LE21

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Low energy lockout, designed to inhibit the approach side SuperScan when the door is used manually. For use with a door position switch. The micro processed Lock Out Modules Relay is designed to provide a lockout function for the BEA Bodyguard presence sensor, when used with the complete Parallax System. The LO-21P uses the motor and Bodyguard to determine if the swing path of the automatic door is clear and allows the door to open or close. If the swing path of the automatic door is not clear and the door is in the open position, the LO-21P will allow the Bodyguard to hold the door open as long as it detects something. If the door is closed and there is something in the Bodyguard pattern, the LO-21P will prohibit the activation device from opening the door.

  • Low energy, micro-processed lockout relay module
  • Designed to inhibit the approach SuperScan on an automatic door with the door is used manually
  • When the SuperScan is installed on a low energy operator that is to be used manually or automatically, the 10LE21 will allow the SuperScan to be active only when the door is triggered by activating a push plate, such as on "knowing act" doors
  • Superscan will remain in the activation circuit until the door fully closes following the automatic operation of the door
  • A door position switch must be used to indicate to the 10LE21 that the door has reached its fully closed position and to ignore the input of the SuperScan until the push plate activates the door again
  • If the door is opened manually, the 10LE21 will prohibit the input from the superscan from reaching the door control
  • The 10LE21 provides the hold open time delay; therefore the door control's time delay should be set to minimum
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