BEA - Digital Transmitter 900MHz Hand Held (2 button) same size as keychain w/o the keychain (includes 3v battery) - 10TD900HH2

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BEA's RF-900 series transmitters and receiver are FCC Part 15 certified activation devices. Universally compatible with any door activation system or automation need, the 900 MHz wireless technology enables communication with any push plate, detection sensor or signaling device. The RF-900 series employs "frequency hopping technology" to allow secure, point-to-multipoint communication. BEA's RF-900 series provides several advantages over legacy frequencies including greater transmission distances, with line of sight capability of 500 feet*. It emits a more robust signal through obstacles such as walls, partitions, doors or Low Emissivity glass.

  • Logic module with integrated 900 mhz wireless technology eliminates the need for separate logic module and wireless receiver
  • Sequenced or simultaneous relay activation for application flexibility
  • Two-AMP relays allow the direct release of an electric locking device wirelessly, eliminating the need for a separate logic module or isolation relay
  • Extended hold mode allows wireless push plates to function like hardwired push plates (if push plate is held, relay does not time out)
  • Wireless functionality eliminate the need to run input wires directly to the logic module, saving both time and money
  • A combination of the industry's most compact 900 MHz receiver and transmitters for optimal installation convenience
  • Auto-discoverable radio that links a receiver with a range-finding, signal-strength smart LED
  • Technician friendly DIP switch function settings and push button learn modes
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