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Features stainless steel plate with blue Handicap Logo and blue "push to open" text. BEA introduces its new stainless steel push plate line. These push plates are designed to fit into standard electrical gang boxes, and/or BEA's line of plastic enclosures. The faceplate is made of 1/16" thick stainless steel for durability, and has concealed fasteners to minimize vandalism. The push plates may be hard wired to the door operator or connected to BEA's line of radio controlled transmitters.

  • Screws are on the outside surface allowing easy removal or installation of push plate
  • Perfect for wall applications because they are easy to see, but unobtrusive to the aesthetics of the building
  • Beveled edges provide a tamper and vandal proof solution to your push plate needs, allowing no room to get objects between plate and box
  • An all-active plate activates with any "push" location
  • 16 gauge 304 2B Stainless steel faceplate
  • 16 gauge 304 2B Stainless steel backplate
  • Stainless steel 6-32 x 1 in Phillips head mounting screws
  • Stainless steel 6-32 x 1/4 in phillips or tamper-resistant Spanner head assembly
  • Cherry Switch: Single-pole, 15A, COM/NO/NC contacts
  • Wire nuts
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