BEA - 36" Vertical Actuation Bar/Low Profile push plate solution (Hard-wired solution) - 10LPR36HW

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10LPR36HW is hard-wired and features the blue Handicap logo and "Push to Open" text. The LPR36 series maximizes accessibility and independence for people with disabilities. The entire surface is "all-active" with four redundant membrane switches for consistent coverage with a 36" x 6" activation area that is easily activated from any angle. Very little force is needed for activation. The LPR36 series is constructed from a stainless steel faceplate that makes it highly durable and able to withstand harsh weather conditions, while keeping it rust and corrosion free. The low profile design is only 1-inch-thick which helps prevent accidental damage in high traffic areas. Clear powder coat finish reduces unwanted fingerprinting and scuffing. The LPR36 series exceeds California Building Code: 2013 Page 559, 11B-404.2.9, Exception 2c as well as all local ADA building codes requiring high and low actuators, eliminating the need to install two separate devices. Conveniently mounted in a variety of locations including walls or bollards.

  • Hardwired 36 in vertical actuation bar low profile push plate is weather resistant
  • The entire surface is activation ready with four separate, and redundant switches that allow activation from virtually any angle
  • Designed with a 36 � 6 in activation zone and low profile depth of 1 in
  • Exceeds the california building code, section 1117B.6
  • Can be mounted to any flat surface in a few easy steps
  • Easily adapts to either a wireless or hard wired installation
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