Adams Rite - 2-WAY BOLT MS2180-07-119

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Adams Rite - 2-WAY BOLT MS2180-07-119

0: Hourglass
07: Up to 7' Door
119: Black Anodized


Turn knob or lever 120° counterclockwise to throw stainless steel bolts into header and threshold and clear strike opening so pivoted MS® bolt can enter from active door.
Clockwise turn retracts vertical bolts and blocks entry of pivoted bolt. Operates in conjunction with any MS® pivoting deadlock.


Turn Height
• Matches cylinder height of MS® deadlock in active door,
adjustable from 34" to 48".

Turn Lever/Indicator
• MS2180 has an hourglass shape for a firm finger grip. Red lettered indicator shows “LOCKED" when secure. MS2181 has a teardrop shaped turn lever. MS2182 is a limited-access flush turn to comply with IBC requirements for “no doorknob" actuation. MS2182 is supplied with an activation tool.

Top and Bottom Bolts

• Hexagonal 3/8" flat to flat. Stainless steel. Guides furnished. Bolt throw is 23/32".
Strike required in metal headers and thresholds is 1/2" diameter hole. For wood installation, two 4005 strikes required are available separately.

• Mechanism includes device to prevent entry of pivoted bolt until vertical bolts are locked and conversely, to prevent unlocking of vertical bolts when pivoted bolt is locked.


• Monitoring Kit available as add-on switch kit that signals when the top and bottom bolts are fully projected and the MS® deadlock is in the extended and locked position.
More than an easily defeated door position switch, the MK-2180 Monitoring Kit provides a tamper-proof indication of the door position and locked condition. Form C switch.

• For wood header or threshold, 4005 strikes available separately.

Standard Package
• Individually boxed with bolt guides and screws.
Shipping weight: 2 lbs.

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