With over 50 years in the building industry, we’re familiar with the unique architectural hardware and dispensers needed in medical facilities.  So, in addition to our diverse line of door hardware, bathroom accessories, and security solutions, we’re pleased to highlight a select few of the specialty items we carry.  Others are scattered throughout the site.

Please contact our customer service department if you have any questions or special requirements.  We’ll be happy to special order or add high-demand items.

Medical Corner

Market Trends

Locked Up: Trends In Hospital Access Control Devices And Technologies (10/01/2010)

The need to encourage an "open environment" for the community while maintaining rigorous security precautions to discourage transgressors has challenged hospital access control device makers like never before. However, manufacturers are responding with a wide array of technology-enabled solutions that are proving both effective and practical for health care facilities. Users and providers of access control systems in hospitals are about to enter a brave new world of technology while keeping their focus on the practicality of meeting budgets in the quest to improve security. Areas of focus include total integration, implementing Internet protocol (IP) network-based systems and maintaining an accounting trail through electronic auditing of human activity. At the same time, biometrics is coming into play.

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