National Guard - Astragal 139 SP 96"

National Guard - Astragal 139 SP 96"
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National Guard - Astragal 139 SP 96" National Guard - Astragal 139 SP 96" National Guard - Astragal 139 SP 96"

National Guard - Astragal 139 SP 96"

Solid Metal Astragals, Steel Prime Coat, 2" x 3/16" x desired length. 

  • Furnished with #12 x 1 1/4” sheet metal screws.  
  • Can replace required metal astragal
    on wood or fire-rated metal doors.
  • UL, Max gap between doors = 1/8”.
  • Astragal must overlap gap and inactive door min. of 3/4”.
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A History of Quality

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Since 1935, National Guard Products has been manufacturing the finest weather stripping and threshold products, quickly becoming the industry’s innovation leader.

Founded in Memphis, Tennessee by Charles F. Smith, Sr., National Guard Products focused mainly on residential window and door products. With modernization came challenges to our industry, which were met with products such as our smoke and acoustical gaskets. In the 1970’s, with the world’s desire to conserve energy, National Guard Products became an important source for products to help use less energy in the home and office without sacrificing comfort. We still do this today with innovative products like our automatic door bottoms and nylon brush gasket product lines.

It was also during this time National Guard Products was asked to assist the Architectural Hardware Institute in the development of a curriculum to teach the importance of weather stripping as an effective energy conservation method. To this day, our program is still taught at the Institute.

In cooperation with Underwriters Laboratories, we conducted the first fire door testing using our fireproof gaskets. Our fireproof gaskets proved to be one of the best methods of saving lives by inhibiting smoke and fire infiltration around the fire door.

National Guard Products has a proud history in both saving lives and conserving energy, and we will always continue to strive to remain the industry’s innovation leader.