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DCI - Auto Flush Bolts 962 US4 (SET)

DCI - Auto Flush Bolts 962 US4 (SET)
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DCI - Auto Flush Bolts 962 US4 (SET) DCI - Auto Flush Bolts 962 US4 (SET)

Door Control International - Auto Flush Bolts 962 US4 (SET)

US4 Satin Brass finish


  • Fully Automatic: Opening active
    door automatically retracts top and
    bottom bolts. Closing active door
    automatically extends top and bottom
    bolts 3/4" into frame and sill
    strikes, locking inactive door. (Dust
    proof strike optional.)
  • Non-Handed: Automatic flush bolts
    are non-handed. It is not necessary
    to reverse either top or bottom
  • Adjustable Bolt Head Rods: Bolts
    can be vertically adjusted 1/2" for
    unusual clearances.
  • Low Closing Force: Patented free
    floating cams require a maximum
    of 5 lbs. closing force on active
    door to extend both top and bottom
  • Override Feature: Prevents damage
    to doors or bolts should bolt heads be prevented from entering top or bottom strike.
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